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Funding opportunities targeting tribal broadband continue to expand as the Bureau of Indian Affairs opens its 20220 National Tribal Broadband Grant Program, per a Wednesday statement. Indian Affairs Assistant Secretary Bryan Newland announced that the Office of Indian Economic Development would begin accepting applications from federally recognized tribes through Oct. 17. 
The grants are geared primarily toward funding feasibility studies for tribes hoping to build or expand broadband capabilities within their communities, the BIA wrote. 

“Feasibility studies funded through the program will assist tribes to make informed decisions regarding deployment or expansion of broadband in their communities,” the BIA statement reads.  

Awardees would receive two-year grants ranging from $100,000 to $175,000; the agency plans to fund between 15 and 27 such grants. 

“Reliable, high-speed internet access in Tribal communities enables many opportunities for education, employment, entrepreneurship, and social connection,” Newland said in a statement. “These elements are all critical to our goal of making sure that people have the opportunity to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives in their tribal communities.” 

The Federal Register entry for the National Tribal Broadband Grant Program can be found here. The BIA statement encourages tribal governments to send questions to OIED Grant Management Specialist Dennis Wilson at [email protected]

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