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TAHOLAH, Wash. — Toptana Technologies is building out its board of directors to help guide the development of the only Indigenous-owned cable landing station and backhaul network provider on the West Coast.

An enterprise of the Quinault Indian Nation, internet infrastructure and technology firm Toptana Technologies is working to connect under-served communities and bridge the digital divide in Indian Country. The company aims to chart a sustainable pathway to meet the market demand for both transpacific subsea and terrestrial connectivity in the Pacific Northwest. 

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The company’s cable landing station in Washington State offers subsea transpacific connectivity from the U.S. to Asia-Pacific markets. The backhaul network offers terrestrial connectivity along the I-5 corridor to Seattle, Wash and Hillsboro, Ore.

The company recruited a cohort of regional and industry experts to provide strategic direction to fully operationalize the first Washington State cable landing station in more than 20 years. 

Tribal leadership considered each officer based on the contributions from their expertise, as well as to ensure alignment with the company’s community and sustainability-centric mission.

The inaugural board of directors officers are: 

  • President Tyson Johnston, policy representative of the Quinault Indian Nation and head of development at Toptana Technologies; 
  • Vice President Reuven Carlyle, a sitting Washington State Senator
  • Treasurer: Daniel Ebling, acting CFO for Quinault Indian Nation and head of finance at Toptana Technologies; and
  • Members-at-Large: Mercy Manning, vice president of sales & sustainability strategy at Aligned Data Centers, and John Mariano, president of DRG Undersea Consulting.

“I applaud the Quinault Indian Nation for embarking on this bold mission to build industry-leading communications infrastructure in Washington, and I am proud to support this work as Vice President of the Toptana Technologies Board of Directors,” Carlyle said in a statement. “This sustainably designed, premier cable landing station and data center represents the best next-generation infrastructure. It will help strengthen the backbone of global communications while bringing better connectivity to the QIN and regional communities.”